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Learn who you truly are in Christ Jesus, and experience the abundant life you were created to live in Him. Break the chains of sin and join the perpetual victory parade of Christ’s finished work!

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D. R. Silva is a Best Selling author and compulsive question asker. His blog,, has inspired tens of thousands of people around the world. Together, his highly acclaimed books, It’s All About Jesus: What They Never Told You in Church andHyper-Grace: The Dangerous Doctrine of a Happy God have helped set countless people free from bondage to legalistic religion. He is best known for his conversational writing style and frequent use of parables that make complex topics easy to understand. The goal of all of His writing is to point everything to Jesus.

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Mick Mooney

D. R. Silva is a great author who navigates the reader around the potholes of religion and leads them into the safe fields of grace.

—Mick Mooney, author of SNAP

Paul Ellis

D. R. Silva is part of an exciting breed of young authors proclaiming the gospel of radical grace.  Unafraid to ask the big questions or confront man-made traditions, he writes so that the church might live up to its full potential in Christ.

—Paul Ellis, author of The Hyper-Grace Gospel

Rebecca Clayton

With practical, easy to understand examples, Daniel walks the reader through his points with clarity and humor.

—Rebecca Clayton,


Silva’s reputation certainly precedes him. His written work is filled with equal parts insightful scripture analysis and bitingly clever wit.

—Sarah Dunsworth, Sarah Dunsworth Ministries

Books By D. R. Silva


This #1 best-seller is a response to the rising criticisms brought against the message of grace.


How to Overcome Sin describes in biblical detail the cause and effect of sin, and the brilliantly easy solution!

More Books from D. R. Silva

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