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First things first, I stopped writing or updating this site for a little over a year. I’m currently in the process of getting things up and running again.

A lot of posts have been taken down to be reworked and revised. This means that sometimes you will click a link on an article and it won’t work. I apologize for any inconvenience that might cause, but it will be fixed ASAP!

Some Helpful Hints

There a few things added to this site to make things a little easier for you.


[tweetable alt=””]Go on and give this text a click![/tweetable]

Neat huh? As I go through an update posts, I’m adding highlights which will make things easy to share on Twitter.

But what if you don’t like the highlights I’ve picked? I’ve got you covered!

Go on and highlight this text with your cursor.

Neat huh! If you don’t like the highlights I’ve picked, you are free to make your own. Just remember the 140 character limit on Twitter!

Bible Verses

Did you notice that the verses I use in articles come up as links? Go on and hover your cursor over the following verse:

John 3:16

Neat huh? This saves a lot of space because I don’t have to type each and every verse I reference. But don’t stop there! I encourage you to look up the verses I reference for yourself and read them in their full context, just to get a look at the bigger picture!


I’m always looking for suggestions on how to make this website and the community more interactive, and easier for people to navigate. If you get any ideas, be sure leave a comment and let me know!