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Hyper-Grace: The Dangerous Doctrine

As another great deception seemingly creeps its way through the body of Christ, some of the church’s most prominent leaders have taken the stage to warn of a new dangerous error. But what if it were possible to prove that the real deception is coming from them? What if you found out that some of America’s most trusted church leaders have been holding the true gospel hostage? Come find out what they’ve been keeping secret.

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What People Are Saying About Hyper Grace:

Amazon 5 Star Reviews D. R. Silva


“In a straight-forward, grace honoring expose’, D.R Silva answers the critics in this short but powerful book about the half-truths being told against Grace teachers.”

Excellent Overview of the Grace Movement

“D. R. Silva has done a wonderful job of explaining many of the objections people have against the Grace Movement happening today.”

One of the Best Presentations of Grace

“I’m aware of the whole ‘hyper-grace’ controversy and I was very interested to see what this book would have to say… What I wasn’t expecting was to discover one of the best presentations on grace I have read.”

Amazingly Well Done

“D. R. Silva answers the objections to the “hyper-grace” movement in such a practical straight forward manner that you find yourself wondering how you could have missed something so obvious.”

Grace on the Go!

Available on Kindle, and many other mobile devices through the free Kindle app (and coming soon in paperback!). Take the gospel of grace everywhere you go! This is a short, practical and easy to read book, making it a cinch to find answers to the common questions regarding the grace message (just in case anybody asks!).

Amazon #1 Best Seller

Hyper-Grace D. R. Silva Quote

Hyper-Grace D. R. Silva Quote

Hyper-Grace D. R. Silva Quote

Wanna Know What All the Fuss is About?

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