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It's All About Jesus Book Cover - D. r. Silva

It's All About Jesus: What They Never Told You in Church

It’s All About Jesus challenges the biggest giants of modern church doctrine to see if they measure up next to the life of Jesus. This book will reveal the source of most problems in the Christian life and will show you how to find the quickest solutions.

Is it God’s will to heal everyone? Are you destined to sin until you die? Was Jesus sacrifice only for forgiveness of sins and heaven when you die? This book looks past all of the superficial catch phrases, spiritual hype, and countless excuses that have kept Christians powerless for years. It examines every question in the light of the life of Jesus, and the answers you find will shock and amaze you!

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The Giant Killer Has Arrived!

What People Are Saying:

Amazon 5 Star Reviews D. R. Silva

“I love Daniel’s questions. (I like his answers too.) I wish more people would ask the sorts of questions Daniel raises in this book for they are questions that open doors and demolish strongholds. They are questions that illuminate and liberate. And they are questions that will lead you to a deeper revelation of the greatest Answer of all.”

Paul Ellis, author of The Gospel in Twenty Questions

“I believe this book will deeply echo the questions and thoughts of many believers around the world who are tired of the mundane status quo. I highly recommend you read this book slowly and with a highlighter. You’ll need a highlighter, trust me.”

Cornel Marias, author of So, You Think Your Mind is Renewed?

“Refreshing and thought provoking book. Daniel strips away the layers of religious tradition surrounding our traditional teachings about the character of Jesus and reveals the real Jesus.”

Brandon Laing, Amazon Reviewer

“Finally someone has written what I have been thinking for so long! This book was almost impossible to put down. If you have been on the spiritual ‘treadmill’ looking for some answers…this is the book for you. This book was written from the heart…and is the truth through and through.”

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