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What is Patreon?

Patreon LogoPatreon is an on-going crowd-fund campaign where an audience can directly support the things they love and the people they believe in.

I’ve chosen to set-up a site through Patreon because – most obviously – it helps financially support the site, and the author of the site, meaning I can give more time to creating content.

On top of that it provides me with an easy way to provide “rewards” for those who give their hard-earned money to support this message and its messenger.

For example, as a Patron you’ll get to preview posts and books before they’re finished. You’ll get exclusive resources (including free E-Books), more personal interaction with me, free copies of future books, and much more. It’s my way of saying thanks for helping!

If that sounds good so far, click below to become a patron. If you want more info, keep reading!

How Support Works

Originally I was going to go along with the Patreon system and give you different rewards depending on how much support you offer. Give $1, get a thanks and an acknowledgment on the website; give $25, get some e-books!

But after lots of thought, prayer and the nagging voice of my conscience, I’ve decided to do something a little different.

Parable of the Workers

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is the parable of the workers in Matthew 20.

The gist of the story is that a landowner went out and hired a bunch of workers early in the morning, then again in the evening. At the end of the long hot workday the landowner paid all of them the same. The first group of workers became bitter and upset, saying to the man, “Why have you treated THEM as equals with US when we’ve been working all day, and they’ve only worked an hour?” The landowner gave the first group of workers what he had promised them, so even though they felt ripped off, they weren’t. But he also gave the second group of workers the same exact pay as the first group.

There are two ways to see the parable, and both immediately reveal the heart.

  1. You will either see unfairness, or you will see grace. If you’re looking at it from a self-centered point-of-view, you’ll see men being ripped off and not given what they deserve. “Why did they get paid the same as the people who didn’t work as long?! Socialism!”
  2. If you see it from a perspective of love, you can’t help but feel excited for the second group of workers who didn’t deserve what they got, but they got it anyway. As a result you are immediately directed to the heart of the landowner, and you can’t ignore the kindness and generosity he has. He wasn’t counting pennies to make sure they only got exactly what they earned for their labor, instead he gave to all exactly what was promised to the one, whether the all earned it or not.

I’m approaching Patreon in a similar way. The ENTIRE purpose of my writing is to help people change their mind and see the world from a perspective of love that highlights grace and kindness instead of unfairness (are any of us ever happy when we look at the world through a “that’s not fair!” filter?).

In my own conscience I feel like I would be failing at that if I started off by trying to persuade you with rewards and incentives for giving. I want you to give because you want to, and I want you to give what you want to give. I don’t want you to give an extra $10 just to get an E-Book, because that puts a little seed in your heart that says, “Giving is all about what I get in return!”

Case and point, regardless of how much my patrons give, you will all receive the same. Not because I’m greedy, but because I want to take care of your heart.

“Why Should I Support You?”

Let me be clear upfront, there’s no obligation or pressure to support me. I’ll continue writing regardless of how much support I get. However your support will enable me to spend more time writing and producing content, which means it will be published more frequently, rather than sporadically throughout the year.

My words have reached tens of thousands of people around the world and helped them form better perspectives for living a healthier and happier life. If you feel like that’s something you want to participate in, then I encourage you to lend your support so I can continue offering it free of charge, or without obnoxious and distracting ads.

I’ve desperately committed myself to avoid hiding my content behind any kind of “membership only” paywall, and locking out people who wouldn’t be able to hear the message otherwise. That’s why I’ll always offer my content for free. But to be completely open about the consequences of that decision, it takes a lot of time and resources to keep this ship sailing. That’s time I’m not getting paid, which is time that’s not going towards making money for rent, food, and other necessities for living, which means more time I have to spend at a job making up for all of it, and less time creating content that helps people.

Therefore any extra support I can get to compensate for all the time and money I lose by giving things away for free is extremely helpful to me, the message, and everything I do. And I’m extremely grateful to everyone who offers their support!

“How Does My Support Help?”

Your support helps me keep food in my belly, in the cat dish, a roof over my head, gas in my car, and keeps the internet going and electricity on, all so I can continue giving time to people around the world, providing them with the good news of their new identity and giving them a better lens to look through. It also helps me leave nice big tips for the barista!

If all of that sounds good and you would like to participate with me in helping people recognize their value, then this patronage is definitely for you! If not, that’s okay, too!

What If I Don’t Want to Give?

None of the above means I’ll be holding back material from people who don’t support me. I’m OBSESSIVE when it comes to not hiding the gospel behind a paywall. I’ve gone broke and hungry so I could continue offering the good news for free. Instead of exercising my Biblical right to be paid for the work I do, I’ve waived that right time and time again to avoid holding the good news over people’s head until they fork over the cash.

I’ve always been against that sort of thing, and I’ve always loved to give my work away for free (I’ve given away almost $100,000 in books since 2014, in case you actually believe I’m doing this for the money!). I won’t be compromising on that commitment. But I’ve also finally learned that it’s hard to harvest crops and keep yourself fed when you give all of your seeds away. So I’m just being very open from now on that your support is what allows me to continue spreading this message and turning people’s eyes towards love and grace.

Thank you for your help.