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Your #1 Source

You might have caught the tagline on the front page of this site, “Your #2 Source for Overcoming Sin.” Some of you might have thought that was a typo, others might have caught on! For those who haven’t caught on, let me explain!

I’m not Your Substitute Teacher

I want to make it very clear that no matter how many good ideas I spread, I will never (nor do I ever want to) be your ultimate source for answers regarding sin, or “new revelations” regarding Christianity.

I love to teach. I believe teachers have a place. I love to see the look in a person’s eyes when they hear the unmixed gospel for the first time. However more than anything, I want to point you to Jesus and strengthen your communion with Holy Spirit, who leads us in all Truth.

It’s Not About A New List of ‘Dos and Don’ts”

I could give you endless tips and tricks on how to respond to lust and temptation, how to avoid sin and break sinful habits, and much more! You might even become so good at it by reading what I teach that you never sin again for the rest of your life! Contrary to what you might have been taught, that’s a real possibility!

However more importantly than leaving with a long checklist of things you need to do to get those kinds of results, I want you to leave with a big arrow pointing to Jesus. In Him you find out who you really are. And when you know who you really are, sin stops being the issue without you even trying to “conquer” it.

Relationship With Bad Behavior is Better than Good Behavior Without Relationship

Titus 2:12 says, “The grace of God teaches us to say ‘no’ to ungodliness.” The reason for that isn’t because grace gives you a new list of ways you ought to behave, but because grace reveals how God has seen you all along (even in your bad behavior).

It’s His “I do not condemn you” that empowers us to “go and sin no more.”

In the old we tried to behave good to get to God (it’s the entire history of the Old Testament). In the new God gets to us because He is good, and through this new communion with Him our behavior and way of thinking suddenly begins to shift from “eye for an eye” to “love your enemies.”

We don’t avoid lust because He made a rule about it, but because now we see others in a brand new light. We see their value through His eyes of love because we’ve seen the way He sees us.

Little by little through our communion with Him, we begin to behave like Him without trying.

Do you get it? It’s the difference between “I don’t want to good but I’ll do it anyway because I’m suppose to,” and “I was created in Christ to do good works! Love and kindness are my first nature!”

A New Perspective

The good behavior isn’t the focus, it’s simply the result of focusing on Him. The greatest joy of heaven isn’t that we’ll all finally “behave right.” It’s that we’ll be with Him. It’s why Jesus’ first message was “the Kingdom of God is at hand,” because the greatest joy of heaven was right within their reach. And how much better for us that the greatest joy of heaven is right within our heart?

What good does it do to get all the behavior right if you never get to see yourself the way He sees you?

While my writing here and in my books will help you see scripture and yourself differently, it isn’t with the goal to get you to behave better, but with the goal to point you to Jesus because He’s your #1 source of Truth and Life.

How to Read What I Write

What’s the point of all this? It’s that I don’t mind people learning from what I write, or even looking up to me as a leader or a teacher. What I’m trying to avoid is being a replacement for your relationship with God.

You might think that sounds crazy, but look at how desperately some Christians cling to their pastors sometimes. For a large percentage of Christians, they only know God through what their pastor teaches them about Him. They spend their whole life sit in a chair devouring another man’s perspective of God, but they never get one of their own.

I want to spare you from that trouble.

Read and enjoy what I write. But “test everything and hold on to the good.” All that means is take everything you hear about God and compare it to Jesus. Write down your questions and possible answers, and ask Holy Spirit to lead you into the truth on the matter.

Eternal life is knowing him, not behaving like a good Christian.

I can only tell you my own perspective of God, and hope that it leads you to Him so He can give you a perspective of your own.